Brep, ID, move, nest, sort, clean & bake!

Hi, just want to share this as I have taken lots from this forum over the months (thanks).
lots of hours here, but it has all the basics covered I think.
this project uses a supplied rhino surface model converted in GH for CNC machining holes in bricks.
only 600 more to go.

…question: is it unrealistic to think GH can can do all the manual tasks in rhino I go through ending with a final toggle? that’s my aim.

brep to nested (15.4 KB)

Absolutely, but you will need to Internalize your breps please.

Since you are re-creating circular holes, you should also consider the option of just drawing the center point for your CNC toolpaths, and do different passes for each nominal diameter. In some cases normalizing gradient hole diameters to 3 or 4 nominal drill bit values works very well and it’s a lot more efficient if your CNC and material can handle it.

got it. thx - still working on the basics !

Having done similar work, some machine suggestions: 1) add splash guards to protect spindle; 2) add a pump/settling tank to supply coolant directly at cutting point, a stagnant pool of water is not enough; 3) if using water, add a small amount of dry detergent, tide or similar, as a surfactant 4) use diamond tools 5) calculate rpm’s so that you are getting about 1,500-2,000 feet per minute of surface speed on your rotatign tools 6) expect very slow cutting times, feedrates of 0.5-2.0 inches per minute, cut depth of maybe 0.035" 7) your machine is very clean, you must just be starting out 8) sorry that none of my ideas are grasshopper related

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