Ofsetting closed curve fails


I want to offset a closed curve which is an import of a DXF file. But when I do that, I only get several open curves (black in the image) around a part of the green curve which I wanted to offset. How can I get a good offset on this green curve?

The file I was working on is:28.3dm (1.2 MB)


Hi @Hans2,

your larger closed curve is a polyline made from over 7000 line segments. I am afraid, the only way to offset this by a larger distance is by breaking the polyline into multiple sub-polylines and first convert these to smooth curves, then do the offset.

There are some scripts posted here to do the breaking part…


(Laurent Delrieu) #4

You can use clipper plugin

Or bowerbird plugin

For clipper there is a rhino command


I just installed Clipper in Rhino and it works perfectly. Thanks a lot for this tip.