Explode a polyline by angle?

Is there a way to explode a polyline only at points sharper than a certain angle? In other words, explode a polyline, but leave the segments joined when the angle is more open than 120* (or some other amount I determine). So the polyline would become unjoined at every joint that was sharp, and stay joined where the change in degree was shallow. Hope that’s clear enough…

Hi Heath- I dug this up- SplitAtAngle - unzip, then drag and drop for SplitAtAngle as an alias. See if that is what you need- it’s old and probably not well tested… =)



Almost perfect!

I knew a script like this was posted at some point, but as we all know, the old newsgroup is virtually impossible to search. Glad for this change.

One problem: this works on one polyline at a time. I need to do hundreds… doing them all at once would be a massive bonus.

OK, hang on a bit.

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You rock. I expect it on my desk when I get back from lunch. :wink:

Heath, I replaced the file on my Google drive- see if poking the original link gets you a new version… just curious. I’ll make another link in case: Here

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Here’s one from my library, I just quickly modded an existing similar function.

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Thanks to you both! Works like a charm. I had a ton of lines that I received that had segments that should have been arcs but were lots of little polylines. Exploding out just the hard angles, I was able to rebuild as 3 points, degree 2, just the sections that were lots of little polylines (leaving them joined) and got it all cleaned up. Saved me a ton of work. :smile:

Oh, then you might have actually wanted this one, which is the original script I modified, or this one, which is similar…

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Even more super-super awesomeness. Thanks!

@pascal, @Helvetosaur,

i’ve relinked this thread from another thread, however all the scripts posted here seem to either cause a dropbox error (Mitch) or show a CRC when extracting the zip file (Pascal). Please re-upload if possible.


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There are a lot of good scripts posted here which get buried over time with the other posts. A general repository (a huge library) would be very welcomed, I think. Or at least tell us where do you keep them all :slight_smile:

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would be a nice idea!

Hi Clement, thanks, I see that file is bogus - I do not see an original that I can get to here, but I’ll check on the office machine on Monday.


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