Offsetting a 2d voronoi curve pattern, automatically

Hello members! We want to make an offset to both sides of a 2d voronoi pattern. All lines are loose. And it would be great if it would be a matter of: selecting all lines, determining the offset distance and the radius of each corner and by pressing enter Rhino would do the rest… Anyone know a script / plugin or other software? Would be GREAT if you could help us out. Thanks everyone!AutoCAD-voronoi

only pressing enter is of course a little too much of a wish :smiley: but i am sure i saw a ready grasshopper definition somewhere. here at least a quick tutorial, the offset part comes at 3.17 it offsets in both direction, by pluging in a slider you can choose the value in WYSIWYG manner. if you need it rounded than i am not sure where to find that but maybe thats a start.

hmm maybe here

loads of tutorials on youtube, vimeo and on

Hi Koert - usse the V6/WIP. Select all the lines and start CurveBoolean > CombineRegions=No, click AllRegions. That will get you all the closed cells. Then OffsetMultiple.