OffsetSrf Problem

In the attached file I have a polysrf. When I run offsetsrf on it I get chaos. I was wondering the cause?

Problem OffsetSrf.3dm (8.0 MB)

Yeah, OffsetSrf frequently has problems with complex objects. A workaround for this particular object is to OffsetSrf Solid=No, then DupBorder the two polysurfaces and Loft between the borders. Then Join all up into a closed polysurface.

OS-Loft.3dm (1.5 MB)

if you add a few blends or sweep2 on each crease in the input surface it works ok


It works----but I have a lot of them to do. :frowning:

Hello - if you ask for Corners=Round, the result is cleaner - round corners are the more ‘true’ offsets and since surfaces do not need to be extended, it is more reliable as well.


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