Offseting (Solid) difficulties

Hi , I am trying to offset a surface in Grasshopper. I am using Lunchbox for paneling and then trying to offset the panels (solid). I would like to have them all together and not as independent modules.
The reason for this is that I am aiming to fillet the edges afterwards as a whole polysurface.

It occurred to me to try with the Wave Bird plugin and transform the Nurbs into a catmull clark. But when I apply the Wave Bird Thicken it also brings me errors.

Find attached the file please , If someone has some insights I would appreciate it ! Thanks so much

Lesson_3.ghx (228.7 KB) (19.2 KB)

like this?

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This worked great. I am now with the two files parallel I am trying to also understand and learn what did I do wrong. If its ok for you I would like to come back and verify If I got what you did.

Thanks so much