Offset - please fix this

Problem since Rhino V1 or so… If you offset curves like in the attached to the inside, Rhino will not get all of the regions. If you are doing this kind of stuff manually and have just a few curves, it’s not to hard to fix. However, in this day and age where much of this kind of stuff is being done on many curves inside automated tools like scripts and Grasshopper, this kind of failure is unacceptable. It is possible, my CNC pocketing programs have been doing this reliably since the 90’s or earlier…

Please bring Offset into the 21st century with V6…


OffsetFail.3dm (39.3 KB)


Yes please I do tons of these and it would be great to get it to work properly.

Yep, I hears ya… I’ll re-add it to the pile, thanks.


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Offset curve on surface

! _OffsetCrvOnSrf

If the offset to do inside, the curve is not always closed
And if it is outside that corners rounded always. No settings for Corner ( Sharp Round Smooth Chamfer )

Offset curve on surface.3dm (43.0 KB)