_offset options -> one key option "T"

Dear Mc Neel - i would love to see a small change in the option dialog for the _offset command:
Rhino 5 and Rhino 6 both have the “one key option” T for ThroughPoint.
With “one key option” i mean the underlined shortcut in the dialog.
Rhino 7 Wip Mac T becomes Trim and ThroughPoint gets H.
Don t want to claim I am conservative, but it would be great to keep the T as it was.
… or maybe a general fix for options with multiple first letters. ??Tolerance, Trim, Throughpoint… maybe pressing the key multiple times ? this would allow a more consistent workflow for different commands. - Does not make sense if Tolerance most times is T, sometimes is O or even L.
thanks, best, Tom

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There are a bunch of other places where the keys have changed:

They are only changed in the next version development if other changes to the command options require it. It’s never done randomly.
It’s just one of the things that can change in Version upgrades.

Dear John - thanks for your reply.

What about a more consistent concept for this “one key = option” feature ?
i think this feature, to access the command options with one key, is very powerful. I use it a lot. I hate if a new version does not feel family for unnecessary reasons. - rhino is quite strong in keeping the interface consistent ( which is a compliment ) - i hate programs that change the interface without a strong or benefit-reason.

I see that if there is a new version - you re adding more features and options - that everyone appreciates.
But it seems the simple algorithm in the background assigns the first available key to each option - so of course it is not done randomly.
But why not a more consistent concept that will survive different versions ?

Why not implementing an optional argument for those keys assigned to an option ?
in rhinocommon this would feel like addition Method-signature (pseudocode)

public int AddOption(
    string englishOption,
    char desiredOneShotKey


Or alternative - why not using the suggested multiple “key - down events” for options that start with same Character.

t -> troughpoint
tt -> tolerance
ttt -> trim

this would be more logical

You could even combine both approaches:
multiple key-press for unassigned options or badly defined ones.
assigned keys for those that work…

would love to see some improvement on this small interface detail.



You’ve run off the end of my ability to reply in any useful manner.
Other than thinking this approach would likely break all command macros and command scripts.
That would not be good.

I will move this topic to the Serengeti > Developer category where it will be seen by the people with these skills.