Offset Curve Same Direction

I have a series of curves I’m attempting to offset. While the distance is all the same the direction seems to randomly pick the inside or outside of each curve.

Giving the component a plane does not seem to impact the direction.

Thanks in advance!

Q Offset (11.7 KB)

Try checking the direction the curves are drawn.

They seem to all be pointed the same way, even if they aren’t I’m not sure how they got randomized.

Actually I just looked at your file you posted and they seem to all be on the same side?

What are trying to achieve, or maybe I should say which direction are you trying to have them offset.

Try classic solution.
Offset on both sides, sort by length, pick.

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The goal is that the offset curves are outside the original on the same plane. The end product will be beams for a double skin system.

Thanks for giving it a look.

I guess I still don’t follow you. Maybe this image would help. The curves are all offset in the same side -y direction. Are you saying you want the curve offset in the +Z direction?

If that is what you are after I would find the plane of each curve using the planar component and the use the offset component like this.

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That’s perfect and surprisingly simple. Thank You!