Offset curve plane or direction to build a join between surfaces

Hi, I’m trying to build something like this

and this is my project, I am offsetting the curves, but I want the offset to be only towards the inside and to point towards the normal of the curve, something like this!

For some reason it is offsetting on both sides

Offset (116.5 KB)


Since you are using Face Boundaries, each interior edge exists twice (one time for each adjacent face), and the directions are opposite, hence the two offsets.

Here could be a solution starting with Mesh Edges instead of Face Boundaries.

Note that this is not a conical mesh, so the offsets don’t intersect at a single point.

Offset (121.7 KB)



I really didn’t know about Face Boundaries, to use it you would have to delete the double lines, right? Anyway, thanks for the help!