Offset Multiple Curve Simultaneously

Hi, i need to offset the curve as shown below. How do automate a script to perform such offset? (23.9 KB)

plug those curves into the offset component.

Is your issue the direction of offset? Two of the curves need a negative distance to match your posted image: (26.9 KB)

Why are you using a cluster for Offset instead of the standard component? This version below replaces your cluster with standard Offset. requiring the negative distances to be reversed: (22.6 KB)

Yes, the direction of offset. Please ignore the offset cluster. Instead of manually handling the offset direction by inputting negative value. How can i offset in the manner with the same result as yours>?

for a situation like this one it seems you were approaching it right with a surface in between the start points of the curves.

this could be a way to ‘automate’ it in a scenario like yours (20.0 KB)


Sick mate! Whats the main function to use CCX if u can use end points for the V-Isocurve?

you’re right!

haha gh is so redundant that it affects you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Either way, cheers for putting the puzzles together.