Offset Multiple Boundaries of Planar and Non-Planar Surfaces

Hi all,

The closed breps at left of following image were obtained from 3D veronoi. The “box” used to define the 3D veronoi consists of non-planar surfaces. As a result, some faces of these breps are non-planar surfaces.

I tried to offset the boundaries of all faces and carve out a hole, if the face is big enough. However, it does’t work on some of the faces as shown in following images.

Appreciated if someone could help.
offset multiply face-boundaries on a series of planar and non-planar (69.9 KB)

Have you ever tried Lunchbox plugin?

offset multiply (139.6 KB)

Thanks for replying.
The reason I did not use LunchBox PanelFrame is that I want the widths of all sides of all frames to be the same.

I understand… But you should consider that some cells are extremely small, so offset is not efficient method for you.

Right. I figured out how to do it for planar-faced breps, but doing it on non-planar-faced breps just complicates the whole thing.

offset multiply face-boundaries on a series of planar (133.8 KB)

Oh by the way just to clarify my intention , if the face is too small, I’d like it not to be touched.

This one is a way using clipper plugin.

offset multiply (72.9 KB)

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Thank you so much man. It works prefect! Much appreciated!
By the way, is it possible you can point me to any tutorial of how to implement Rhino command in grasshopper? Thank you.