Offset line multiple times with an inclination


Found this amazing forum while trying to google for an answer to my question without success. So figured I would ask myself.

It is a very simple one but during my years trying to learn Grasshopper, time has not been on my side and I have forgotten the basics.

Today my question is regarding the offset line and how to copy it with an offset and inclination.

Basically I wish to place my prefabricated beams with a connection to my curve (as the curve might change in the future and I wish everything to be linked to this one only).

I have tried my way with Offset Curve and tried to link it with an Array of some sort but I just cant figure it out, and I need it explained like Im a total beginner again.

Can someone help me with this?

Thank you!

Multiply your distance by 0.025 and feed that into a y vector, add it to the x vector and multiply the resulting vector with a Series component to create your declining array

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Would you mind showing a quick example? I think Im doing it right but I think Im missunderstading something…

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Thank you so much for this.

One more thing regarding the plane view. Is there a short solution if I want the array to follow the XYZ of the line, and no the project itself?

My Z factor of the multiplier of 0.025 is working perfectly, but my X and Y is wrong and I dont really know the command to swap it… Im pretty sure its something with orient but it was so long ago…

from your image and description it’s totally unclear to me what your issue is

Im sorry.

The image is taken from my current plane view, the view of the project.

I need my current XY allignment to be changed to match the bridge and the curve, so the items you helped me fixed earlier are rendered correctly.

Currently the are alligned with the project XYZ coordinates. How does one approach this and change it so it alligns the curve, which the blue block in the middle is alligned to.

(Big XY lines drawn are the project. I wish to change it to small drawn XY lines, which is the curves XY plane)

I hope I made myself understood. Thank you once again for taking your time.

take the blue object (if it is a rect. surface) then use the deconstruct plane component:

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Thank you! I got it working.

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