Offset in one direction using Dendro

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I used the Dendro plugin to avoid self intersections while offsetting. I got my Grasshopper script from a tutorial and the results looked clean and I was glad to finally have found a solution.
However, for a different project, I wanted to offset with Dendro again, but this time with an open mesh and I ran into a problem.
I would like to use the offset only in one direction (i.e. to the "outside) but my script only works in both directions.
Since I am really new to Grasshopper (and Rhino in general) I don’t know which parts in the Grasshopper scripting to use to achieve my desired results.
Is my desired result even achievable with Dendro? If so, what do I have to change on my script? If not, is there a different plugin that offsets without self intersection in one direction? (11.1 KB)
teeth_model.stl (976.6 KB)

offset Edited (556.5 KB)
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Thank you so much!