Offsetting with respect to shape

I want to make the process of offsetting a curve inside itself multiple times with respect to the size of each rectangle, I have done this manually in rhino, but would love to figure it out on grasshopper to make my life easier, I have attached some images and the file, would appreciate any help regarding this.

Manually in rhino:

gh file:

Offseting in (303.1 KB)

It will work with Clipper,

You need to graft the polylines in order to tell Clipper not to group the results. Clipper make inner an outer offsets.
Offseting in (304.2 KB)

but I think there is/there will be multiple offset in the Rhino WIP

I think you shared the same file as I sent so I cant see the changes, thank you for your response, also is it possible for us to have it where the smallest offset in the centre is no smaller than 2mm in width or no?


File changed, I forgot to save.

Yes you can suppress too thin rectangle by offsetting another time. A 2 mm thin rectangle cannot be offseted by more than 1 mm offset.

Offseting in (305.3 KB)

Thats great, many thanks.