Offset fail for curve

I am having some trouble with offseting a curve, and I am sure it can be done easily, but I´ve been trying to make a clean offset for this curve, however it keeps failing (like the image attached). I don´t know how to solve it, I hope somebody would like to help.

Thank you 20190916_Q&|attachment (7.0 KB)

No grasshopper file attached…

Sometimes the SimplifyCurve component helps ‘fix’ this but it’s not necessarily a ‘solution’. Alternatively you may rebuild the curve then offset, or you can keep that ‘bad’ offset and clip the curve where it intersects itself (if planar).

@florencia.vela11 Can you upload a .3dm file with the curve? Only the curve is needed. You can use the vertical arrow above where you type your post. What distance are you trying to offset the curve? Is it a long distance from the origin?

Hello, I am sorry, apparently the file didn´t upload… Thank you for your time. I uploaded the rhino file also.20190916_Q& (7.0 KB)
.20190916_Q%26A%201 20190916_Q&A.3dm (103.8 KB)

I don’t see any problem in your file

The problem is inside the red circle marked in the rhino file, its pretty small so you will not see it unless you zoom in a lot but it is very inconvenient because when I try to offset it, it makes strange loops. I have already tried rebuilding the curve and simplifying it but still wont work. 20190916_Q&A.3dm (95.0 KB)

The files are different ; the second file where you have the problem ,where is the original curve?

The problem in the original straight lines ; when you join them the result is not planar curve so you need to project them first

20190916_Q& (14.7 KB)


Something like that; create a surface and project the planar curves

20190916_Q& (17.0 KB)

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Thank you very much for your time.

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