Offset Curves, Join, Close --> surface

Hello. Can anyone help me with this problem?
I have 2D Letters, and I want to make surfaces of it, one with original size, second with -1 offset. Everything is cool with other letters, but I have HN and it cost me headache. Tried everything. I see there is a problem that after offset it creates gaps, but when I close it it does not work the same as other letters. Maybe you also encountered it and you know the solution?

Offset (16.0 KB)

I think it might be because on the outer curve you have 2 control points on top of each other in the same location. If you run SimplifyCurve command before the offset, it will manage to create closed planar curves out of the offset and it manages to create the surface with the hole in it.

Thanks! Also another question, what is the best solution for managing offset directions. Because if I import curves, sometimes offset comes in different sides. Or this happens:

Sorry, found solution myself. You have to explode it, then join and simplify.