Offset curve to point list

I have one curve then I divide it by number to have some points. And I have one other curve
How I can offset the second curve to these points

Thank so much

good morning Corona Virus,

I think you’ll need to be more precise and link a file (without virus).

From what I read I’d simply use the parameter. (t) output from division of first (reparametrized curve) and evaluate the seconde (reparametrized) curve with those parameter (t) values.

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Please see my file

Offset curve to point (6.4 KB)
Offset curve to point list.3dm (29.9 KB)
Thank you so much

I asked for precisions also… Are you trying to get the points of the tiny curve onto the big curve at the same proportion distances? I think I don’t understand your question

My target same as below

Offset curve to point (9.4 KB)

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Hi Jakinta
It so good solution, but maybe not same my target.
I check with number of divide is 2,4,6 is ok ( equal by divide point ) but with 3,5 is not good

That is exactly why Ceiling expression is there for. To deal with odd numbers. According to me and to your problem description above solution is good.

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