Offset curve on brep decrementally with anemone

Dear friends,
I am trying to using anemone to offset curve on brep decrementally , but it doesn’t work. Can anyone help to point it out? (145.7 KB)

  1. Disconnect the wire from Loop End ‘Exit’ input
  2. Right-click Loop End and enable ‘Record data’
  3. There is no good reason to enable ‘Output after the last’ as you have done.

Optionally, bypass the Reverse normal vectors?

All that said, your algorithm may just not work as you like…

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Here is a different approach to failure. Swapping the ‘0’ and ‘1’ inputs to P’n’C tries to inset instead of offset but also fails. Maybe food for thought? (149.1 KB)

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I tried many different things with Anemone, none were satisfactory. The best I could do was project the Clipper PolyOffset “holes” (the ‘H’ output) back onto the brep. No Anemone. (140.5 KB)

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Sorry for this late and thanks for your reply. Yeah, indeed, with anemone neither with Reverse normal vectors nor without it, it doesn’t work quite well. With small amont, it still has some faults

In both case, the problem seems to come from the bottom there.

Thanks your idea, this is really a clever way to avoid the messiness of the Anemone situation. could this result in the distance difference of the projected curves on the brep? well, I didn’t ask this in my topic, thanks again anyway :smiley: