Offset curve breaks after sharing gh file to others

I have a definition that uses a couple of offset curves and despite working fine on my end, when I share it on google drive, my colleagues cant get it to work unless replacing the battery. Basically all data is lost from offset curve onward in the definition.
Was wondering if anyone had the same problem and if there is a fix for it.
gh file attached. It is a WIP for a uni project.Design (91.7 KB)


Hi -

That file opens fine here, also when I save it to my Google drive and open it from that location:

When I share that Google Drive link and download it from an anonymous browser page, it also opens fine. How do your colleagues open your file and does it make any difference if you, e.g., eMail the file?
Are they on the same Rhino version as you are?

Thank you for helping Wim.
They have 7.1 and I’m using the most recent 7.9 so perhaps that is the problem.

Hi -

A lot has changed since 7.1 so I would definitely ask them to update.