OFFSET around text objects

Hi all,

I want to offset 4mm around some text to make a 4mm margin around the text. The offset command is going to take a long time. The offset multiple does not offset in the correct directions(see below)

Does anyone know of a tool or plugin that will help me achieve this(below)?

I’d suggest Clipper.

You’ll find it in the Package Manager.

This script might help… (5.0 KB)

Thanks Martin. I guess I have to use that with Grasshopper?

Thanks Helvetosaur :slight_smile: How should I load this in Rhino 7?

No it can be used in Rhino too.

Thanks Martin! I just noticed in your screenshot that the offset polyline is now a thing! This has sorted it. Thanks again

That’s a Clipper command and yes, it solves many problems.

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Hi Ben -

This now works as expected in the Rhino 8 WIP.

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Thanks @wim has the offset command in Rhino 7 also been updated?

Hi Martin -

No. If I understood some of the details behind this correctly, this is completely new code that works on planar curves only. When the input geometry doesn’t fulfill the requirements for this new code, the command automatically switches over to the more general code that is in Rhino 7.

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