Offline rhinoCommon

Is there a way to use RhinoCommon in offline method?

RhinoCommon works only inside the Rhino process.

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@user305: Is that what you meant, or are you asking whether it is possible to write programs (plugins, etc) on a computer that is not connected to the internet?

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I ask a wrong question maybe.
I want to have this Url address on my pc, to use it when writing c# script offline ;
(Rhino.Geometry Namespace)
It is possible?

Do you mean the documentation?

I have an old chm file from 2017 ! 9.7 Mo

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@brian I suspect there are enough (though perhaps not many in the larger scheme of things) developers who by desire, policy or technical necessity are doing their development on offline systems and would benefit greatly from having a local copy of to justify the (relatively) simple task of preparing a downloadable file of it.

Is there a plan to make one available as you did for the Rhino 8 help? I could use it right now.



I have this.
But it is for Rhino 5, I think.

You can also throw in those of us who travel and often work intermittently without internet connectivity.

I think also.
There was this discussion on this subject, some links could help

No, it’s currently not possible to do this without scraping the site yourself.

I’ve added this issue, but we probably won’t get to it soon:


230823_Rhinoscriptsyntax.html (1.4 MB)

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