Official Rhino Plugins in Own Folder?

For the user, it would be cool, if the official Rhino plugins were in their own folder.

By a mere glance, we could tell what has been added/deleted to rhino, without a care in the world as to the original configuration.

I understand that it would be bad to cause a third-party plug-in hierarchical change, which is why I wondered if Rhino itself could cordon-off all their plug-ins.

[I wish users didn’t have to “Unblock” scripts.]

[Some games are elegant, in that they can parse a list of archives searching their contents for add-ons. See: .pk3, pk4, which are really just .zips.]

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Hi Brenda,

I’m confused, as they already are. All plug-in that ship with Rhino are installed here:

C:\Program Files\Rhino WIP\Plug-ins

Or something like…

You can see what does and what does not ship with Rhino using the PlugInManager.

Does this help?

– Dale

Hopefully, the WIP is different, but for V5, everything could be better in the plugin folder.

Hi Brenda,

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to gleam from the image. But everything, with the exception on BoltGen.rhp, is a plug-in or support file that ships with Rhino 5.

We can’t control where 3rd party plug-in choose to install their files…

Am I missing something?

– Dale

I agree, as I stated, you can’t control where the others put their plug, but if all the official original files were separate, it would be easy to determine which are which at a glance.

It would seem that a user or IT person would only want to see the stock system, and a list of whatever has been added, kind of like msconfig can exclude non-MS stuff.

It’s just a convenience, polish thing. To quickly find out, “Isn’t it installed on this system?”

In other words, how did you know I added Boltgen? (Well, without being a developer.)

As Dale said, that is something you can easily see from within Rhino.

You can filter what plug-ins you see.