Off axis screw thread

Hi. I am not sure if I am tired or what. The other day I managed to solved perfectly in another model.
Today I can not make it work.

Please if someone can open the file and help me to solve this tiny akward mistake.
If you look from front view in shaded mode you will see what is annoying me. The things do not look concentric.
Apparently they are in wireframe mode, meaning that inside the tube the thread is perfectly orientated. What I really dislike is the out of axis shape from and back of the tube.
Thanks maybe is just an aesthetic thing, but I hate it.

Thanks a Bench_Screw_help.3dm (6.8 MB)

Bruno, your model appears to be perfect. Threads are not symmetric.

@ChrisK Thanks a lot. So there is no possibilities to have the threaded tube with a nice concentric circle on the front?


Bruno , and thanks for your help

Chamfer it?

Bench_Screw_help chamfered.3dm (1.9 MB)

Thanks man a lot