Odd System.Drawing.Color observation

Not a question, just an experience I wanted to share -

I would have assumed that System.Drawing.Color.Green would give me (0,255,0)…
Nope. It gives you (0,128,0)… Not even Rhino’s DarkGreen, which is (0,127,0)…

So, what does System.Drawing.Color.DarkGreen give you…?
– you get (0,100,0).

So, how do you get a “pure” green?
– System.Drawing.Color.Lime

OTOH, Red, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow all seem to work as you would think…

Of course, it’s probably always best to specify R,G,B discreetly with System.Drawing.Color.FromARGB(), but I thought I’d just throw this out here for your amusement.


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And amused we are! :slight_smile: