Viewing Rhino models with an oculus Rift

Im interested if there is now a way to share my rendered rhino files with an Oculus or other like VR viewers. Im not interested in actually build models in VR, just sharing them for vr presentations.

Any news on this out there??

I only know of this:
or maybe via export to unity

The OctaneRender for Rhino plugin will render Rhino scenes in formats compatible with VR viewers.




Thank you all for the info. Looks promising.


We did a project for this.

You can connect the Oculus and just hit a button to view the model in VR.
Not presentation quality, but minimal setup cost.

The code is open if you’re interested to explore.

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Check this out!

Download Here:

Hi Zack -

We recently released VR support for Rhino (and a number of other formats) at

Here’s a video showing how quick it is to go from Rhino to VR with Cardboard+Modelo and your phone.

Free to sign up - check it out!