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I am using various computers for work, one of them is a beefed cheesegrater Mac Pro (2010 12 core Xeon, 64 GB RAM + an added NVIDIA Geforce GTX Titan X 12 GB), which is used almost every day for rendering and I do editing on it as well. Due to the tiring p*nis-measurement battle between Apple and NVIDIA I cannot upgrade above 10.13.5, because drivers are going crazy with this setup (I various colleagues with other configurations, stuck at the same release).

The latest upgrade RhinoWIP (Version 6 WIP 6.15.19106.13406, 2019-04-16) introduced this pop-up:

Does this mean that future releases will support only the latest and “greatest” of macOS?

Although I am not the most expert Rhino user ever, I am quite heavyweight in ARCHICAD and I’m using RhinoWIP for a lot of things to compliment my primary workflow, as RhinoWIP on the Mac is not yet supported for the AC-GH Connection add-on, it is mainly used for geometrical problems, which are otherwise impossible, or quite hard to solve in AC (it is usually much faster for non-GH editing than v5) – then the geometry is exported and referenced elsewhere. I would like to see Rhino to remain a part of my workflow in the future, and not requiring the uppermost of the operating systems – I would gladly install it all of my machines, and my colleagues would do so, but our current computer park has limitations due to the above stated reasons.

Please consider supporting backwards as far as possible, since Mojave is far from stable in our use case (architectural (also arch. eng.) design / archviz, with a usual workflow containing ARCHICAD, C4D, Rhinoceros as modelling and documenting tools. This is quite a robust set of programs to work with, which we would like to exploit on machines running <10.13.6.

(While I was writing this post, I’ve updated the WIP to Version 6 WIP (6.15.19113.12066, 2019-04-23), same pop-up.)

Thank you for the detailed message about why you want to remain on the version of macOS you are on.

This is a warning that @marlin introduced a little while back and he can provide details about the back-story. If I’m not mistaken, this is only a warning and it does not prevent you from using Rhino.

To answer your broader question above, the answer is - in general - “yes.” We are a small company and supporting all the various flavors of macOS is challenging to say the least. That said, we will do our best to support what we can. I can say for certain that Rhino 6 for Mac will not support anything before High Sierra. There is even some debate about supporting High Sierra in Rhino 6 for Mac, but, for the moment, we are hoping to.

At some point in the (perhaps not too distant) future, it will be likely that another hard cut-off will be introduced with Metal. At this point, it is only speculation.

In general, we will do our best to support what we can for as many users as we can.

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One more question @furtonb. What is the model identifier of that Cheese Grater again? SystemInfo will show it. We have a Cheese Grater here that we updated to Mojave but it took some doing.

I completely understand this, and appreciate the general openness towards us. Usually I stay as updated as possible, but the described driver issue puts me in this unfortunate situation.

Mac Pro 5,1. I’ve attached the full SystemInfo report. This machine is still quite capable, that’s why I was hoping to squeeze some more time out of it.

sysinfo.txt (2.9 KB)

I went down this rabbit hole once, took me almost a week to crawl back… :slight_smile:


We have that one. It’s an awesome machine. It’s one of the fastest we have even though it is quite old. We did manage to update it to Mojave but it was nerve-racking. We also had to update the graphics card to be Metal compatible. I can understand your caution.

Would it be helpful if we put a “Do not display this warning again” checkbox on the dialog above?

I always managed to postpone the reply to this, sorry!

Yes, actually it would be comforting not to be reminded all the time, that my system is obsolete.
As NVIDIA and Apple still haven’t been able to resolve things, I’m stuck with 10.13.5 on this machine – the story is a bad joke by itself…

I consider this a “nice to have” thing, though.:slight_smile: