Layers, object, blocks--find, delete or move?

I imported a model into something I’m working on. It added a lot of layers relating to objects and blocks. I want to move all the objects to a single layer and delete the others. This worked for a few major parts, however, there a blocks and nested blocks. Trying to delete a layer give me a message about the blocks/geometry still on the layer.

So my questions,
How do I:

Take all objects on selected layers and move to layer X?

Display all all objects on selected layers?

Move block geometry to a different layer?

This can be done while in BlockEdit but it could get tedious for nested or many blocks.

@CalypsoArt, I don’t know if this does what you want but it may be worth a try- (1003 Bytes)

It will move the objects in a block all to the layer you choose - it does not change the instance layer but the underlying objects will change layer, for all instances of the block…

Use RunPythonScript and point it at the saved py file,

or use

! _-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double quotes"


It looks like you imported a STEP file from some other modeling tool - if so, are you absolutely sure you want the blocks?

It’s probably not like identical objects are described by one block - something that you actually would use blocks for. Most likely, every single object (identical or not) is made into each its block - basically making the block concept useless. If so, explode the blocks (use ExplodeBlock) and then move all objects to your single layer. Remember to use Purge to get rid of all the block definitions.