Objects only move along X-axis

Hi all,

I’m trying to move objects vertically using the move command, but when I attempt to do so I’m only give me the option to move along the x axis of the point to move from selected. When I type a number in the “point to move vertical to” box, it still only moves horizontally. I’ve never had this issue before and am looking for some help to troubleshoot this issue.


My best guess is that wrong construction plane is active. If you open Named CPlane panel and left-click on one of the cplanes shown in the panel, you will see little icon representing this cplane. Take a look at the z axis of this little icon. Is it pointing in desired direction? If not, change the active cplane. You can see the little icon in the following screenshot. (NamedCPlane command opens the Named CPlane panel.)

Turn of Planar mode and Grid Snap because they may interfere with the move command.

This worked, thank you so much!