Data gridview in Eto

hi all,

can someone show me a small example how to create a datagridview.
I am struggling how to show a datagrid in python eto.


I never took this very far , was just a test. But this topic shows a basic example of getting a datagrid view in an eto form, launched from GH.

Thanks for your help.

I tried to make it work for a small example, without a class but i was not able to get the cell text.
The cells are there but no text…or maybe its because the cell is transperant.
How do i make the cell text visible?

import Rhino
import Eto.Drawing as drawing
import Eto.Forms as forms

wind = forms.Form()
wind.Size = drawing.Size(500,300)

gri = forms.GridView()
gri.ShowHeader = True
gri.DataStore = ([“test”,“e”])

col = forms.GridColumn()
col.HeaderText = ‘Hello_test’
col.DataCell = forms.TextBoxCell(0)

wind.Content = gri