Object properties not displaying

When I type in the command “properties”, the viewport properties is displayed instead of object properties. Also I cannot view object properties on the side panel under the gear setting; there is no option to show it.

Have you tried getting into Object Properties through the right click context menu?

Select your object, right click (ctrl + click) and select it from the context menu that appears.

Hi - could you run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here?

I think you may not have an object selected when you ran Properties. If nothing is selected you’ll get the viewport properties. Regarding the gear icon, in Rhino 7 for Mac the right side bar has two sections, Properties panel or Inspector panels. The default settings are for the top section in the right sidebar to be Properties already but you can switch to display Properties in either section of the side bar with the top option in the gear icon menu.

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