Object snaps not displaying in Rhino 7 for Mac

None of the object snaps will display–intersection, midpoint, center, tangent, end, etc. I have an Intel Mac, 27 inch, w/ latest operating system–11.2.3. It turns out the problem was in the “Modeling Aids” preferences menu. The default setting comes with the setting checked. This is a stupid default setting. The default setting should have unchecked.

What setting is that?



In the “Modeling Aids” preferences menu, the default download of Rhino 7 has the

option checked as the default option in the Rhino 7 upgrade. The default option in the Rhino download should have this option unchecked.

When I first loaded the Rhino 7 Mac upgrade, I could not understand why I could not get any of the object snaps—tangent, center, end, midpoint, etc., to appear.

My apologies for not being clear.