Object is copy/paste as instance/child — feature or bug

Hi there,

I cannot find it here in the forum and I don’t know whether it is a feature or a bug.

See video, please: If I copy fe. polyline, or box and on the “parent” I will select any segment and delete it, it will appear on the new copy “child” as well (not working perfectly). If it is a feature, is there any option to turn it off? It would make a sense if it could be by default off. Or is it a bug?

We are using Rhino 8 Beta last version on Macbook pro M1 Max.

Thank you in advance for reply! D+E

Update: If I move the “parent” in the y-axis, the child will move too. If it is a feature, can I break that parent/child relationship at least?

If you have history enabled and on permanently, this is expected behavior. Any changes made to the parent object (original) will be also made to any child objects (copies) - assuming you haven’t broken the history on the child(ren).

If you do not want this behavior, you can turn history off - either via the panel in the status bar or by typing the command History and setting Record to No.

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Thank you very much for your time and response!