Object has a lot more vertices after FlowAlongSrf; is distorting my objects

I’m new to Rhino, although I feel very comfortable with it after having used AI for technical illustrations and plans, so bear with me!

I have a curve I imported from AI as a dxf (top right). I have extruded this curve to make a curved surface on which I tried to flow another object using FlowAlongSrf. I made a corresponding base surface using CreateUVCurve, on which the target object (bottom right) I wish to flow is positioned.

When I go to flow the object, it becomes very distorted, and has many more vertices (bottom left). Is this because it’s trying to match the tolerances? I tested just a flat surface, and although it did not distort, it does show up with a ton more vertices (top left).

I’ve tried rebuilding the curved target surface in a few different ways, but it doesn’t become the right shape I need it to be, although it’s close. Rebuilding the target surface does solves the distortion problem, however, so I feel like the problem is somewhere within original curve. Would I be correct to assume this?

I’ve attached a reference image. I also intend to unroll the object to create an accurate 2d file when I’m finished editing it.

Please let me know if this was clear or needs clarity, or if I’m doing this right. Thanks so much!

I’ve actually fixed it!

So I’ll leave this up. I rebuilt both the UV base surface and the target to have the same amount of vertices.

When I tried rebuilding before, I was not assigning enough vertices to the newly rebuilt object, so it did not preserve the original structure. I seem to have fixed this.

Anyway. Thanks to anyone who has read this and given thought!

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