Object display color scripts

Just to populate this section of the forum a bit -

3 python scripts I just did to apply a series of display colors to a group of objects

  • Random - but with the ability to choose the color range (say, just
    random reds). You can mix the 3 primary colors to create the complementaries
  • Progressive interpolation from black or white to a primary color (you
    can mix the colors too)
  • Interpolation between two picked colors

Anyway, just thought I’d throw them up here for you to play with…



Nice, and sticky too!

Hi Mitch
Thanks for sharing this nice scripts.
Ciao Vittorio

I really like these scripts,thanks for sharing.

Mitch, as always, Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Tried in Rhino 7 and got the following era for the Interpolate Color Script, any idea how to fix?

Oooh, attempted to divide by zero… :flushed: Guess there is a bad assumption somewhere or maybe bad error checking… the script is 10 years old.

Do you have any idea what input you made for the two color choices so I can test?

Edit - I can see one problem if you only choose one object - there I get a divide by zero error. Obviously i didn’t check for only a single object being chosen, that can be fixed. Do you have another situation where this might occur?

Thanks for the quick reply. I think that was the only situation where I was getting that error. I only had one object selected and was randomly assigning the color. Works well fine when multiple are selected.

OK, here is a revised version with special casing for one object, should no longer error out, it will just average the start and end colors chosen. I should probably adapt it for v7 and later and add a transparency channel as well…

InterpolateColorRange.py (1.8 KB)

This particular script was never really designed for that, if you want random, I have some others:

RandomColorSimple.py (406 Bytes)

RandomLightColor3.py (639 Bytes)

RandomSaturatedColor.py (430 Bytes)

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Thanks Mitch, these are super useful!

Thanks for posting these, Mitch. I’ve used your Interpolate script a bunch over the years.