Object disappears in Render Mode in Rhino 6( Using windows V on Parallels on a Mac)

Capture Capture2

I’m using Rhino 6 windows version on Parallel with a MacBook. However, the rendered mode is very weird. No shadow, material doesn’t show even applied, and the object even disappears. Does it do anything with using Rhino 6 on a MacBook? But because im using Parallel, the interface is completely in Windows version.

FWIW as mentioned on https://www.rhino3d.com/6/system_requirements virtualization is not fully supported.

This is a well known problem because even though your MacBook hardware has what it takes to provide OpenGL support for Rhino 6, Parallels does not provide sufficient OpenGl support for Rhino 6’s requirements. Some stuff works; a lot doesn’t.

If you want Rhino to be stable and not buggy on a macbook, use bootcamp or use Rhino for Mac. Since you’re using the evaluation version, switching to Mac is free (for a while).