OBJ rendering issues with 3ds Max

Hi, I have been given a model as an .obj file from someone who exported from 3ds Max. It was purchased from an online site and so we don’t know how it was originally created. When I render (or view the model in rendered view) I get some strange shadows on buildings which should be renders as flat (see Render) below. When looking at the buildings in shaded or wireframe view, I can see different triangle surfaces which I believe are meshes (see Screenshot below). My counterpart does not have this happen in 3ds Max.

Does anyone have an idea of what is going wrong? Is there a way to process the model so that these render as solid flat faces without all the shadows?



You’ ve tried, rebuildmeshnormal?

I just tried that and it ended up making all the corners look rounded. There is definitely improvements in some areas but it still doesn’t produce a clean shape.

Use the Merge command, then Solder (angle=180) and UnifyNormalMesh command

Hi @FHI_Studio
Try Unweld at eg. 20-30°. Depending on how detailed the buildings are (hard to tell from a screengrab) you might need to adjust the angle
HTH, Jakob


The Unweld at eg. 20-30° was the answer. Thank you so much!

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