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I have been struggling with a problem for a while now. Whenever I import an OBJ file to Rhino, surfaces always comes out really edgy, also when I try to render.
Is there any correct way to import OBJ files, so the surfaces comes out smooth?

Hello - if these are meshes, as is likely, then their display resolution, so to speak, is fixed, unlike a surface object which can have render meshes of any density. You can Weld meshes to make the faceting go away, is faceting the problem?



Thanks for the replay. The problem is that when I want to render, the surface comes out edgy, which it shouldn’t.

Hi - where does the file originally come from - and how does it look in that application?
Can you post the obj file so that someone can take a look at what’s going on?

Hi! Thanks! The file is from Turbospuid, and looks really smooth in the 3D animation on there site.
When I open it in Rhino it gets all edgy, which I kind of expected as Rhino isn’t always good with OBJ’s, but it the same problem happens when I open it in Keyshot.
I worked around it a bit by editing the geometry in Keyshot, but it didn’t entirely fix the problem.

Food_Packaging_02_OBJ.rar (19.1 MB)

Hello - this looks fine here as far as I can see - I’m not sure yet what the problem is at your end…


Hi again

Thanks for your answer, I realize that it’s small details but I still think that it a bit edgy en some places.

I want to have the surface 100 smooth as it would be in real life. I can’t imaging this isn’t possible?
Could it be my graphic card?

  • Michell

is quite edgy due to the low poly count. I guess you can sculpt a bit in another programs like Meshmixer or Sculptris

Or, Subdivde in Rhino - there will be many more polygons though. I’d set ‘SubdivisionCount’ to 1.


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