Nvidia RTX3070 is this ok Rhino v7 and able to deal with meshes?

MSI or Asus Nvidia RTX3070 , so many different variations as well, confused on whats best for Rhino.

any suggestions ?

Is the 3070 a card without Rhino problems with it ?

I hope to find v7 can handle meshes with final texture mapped without being sluggish, or freezing up. Does the GPU make a difference ?


MSI and Asus are both the brands that design the best cards, imo. I suggest you take either an asus “dual” or “tuf” model.

YES, the gpu makes a difference in the scenario you described. a 3070 will serve you well in this regard. even more if you plan to use the integrated cycles renderer, the rtx cards perform very nicely there.

The difference is minor when it comes to manufacturers. Since the cards are designed by Nvidia the only thing you can expect from vendors is better cooler design and higher boost clock (due to better cooler design)

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that is wrong. the cards from asus and most from msi aren’t designed by nvidia. while some partners choose to build their cards based on nvidias’ reference design (different than their founders edition design), others - like asus, don’t use the reference design but instead design their own pcb and power delivery (some portions of the layout remain predetermined by nvidia). there are differences that are not just minor.

there are certainly models you would regret having bought, while others are a better choice.


Hi, I was considering the MSI or Gigabyte 3070 Ti, but discovering it runs more noisy than the 3070 and hotter, I am rethinking. PC kills me in summer, 30C all through day and midnight and beyond makes me flake out. and go outside into 25C, cruel.
Dont want even hotter, so 3070 it must be. Silent running also important, GTX970 was 34 under load, I read Gigabyte CTX3070 Ti Eagle 54db, thats unacceptable. 100 fold increase in sound a website says, 3db is tenfold, so again 3070.

Also 13.1 inch long will almost touch SSD’s so no room for cables from those or those above, so even length dictates. Their development is not heat sound and space and elec bills friendly.

MSI I feel will have a good card as my GTX970 was designed quiet by MSI.

Must find a test on all that though.


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what gpu is sufficient for you depends on the type of work you do with rhino. if you do product design and usually work on single objects, then even a 3060 might be just fine. if you do architecture, work on big models with lots of textures, then you might want a 3070 or above. also a question if you do render and if so which renderer do you use?

also depends on what you are willing to spend. luckily gpu prices have come down since crypto crashed again and ethereum switched to proof of stake. still lots of 30series inventory and miners are dumping their cards. prices also vary quite a bit on the region.

regarding the gigabyte cards. keep away from those. the gigabyte 30 series cards have a design flaw. the power plugs aren’t soldered directly onto the pcb but instead are connected through extra wires which are then soldered to the pcb. very strange decision and the plugs are terrible and have a higher risk of making bad contact or even shorting.

choose any asus “dual” or “tuf” model from 3060, 3060ti, 3070, 3070ti or 3080 and above and you’ll be served well. reviews will tell you the same. msi is fine too, but not the “ventus” models (thei use cheap plastic backplates instead of aluminum), only above. asus is the safest choice, imo.

if you need something compact, this is good. available as 3060 and 3060ti. only requires on 8pin power plug.

if you don’t render at all, AMD cards are an option too. they deliver very good viewport performance for an affordable price. 6600, 6600xt and above.

I watched a youtube Which RTX 3070 to BUY and AVOID! 38 cards compared! Ft. Asus, MSI, EVGA, Gigabyte, Palit, PNY, etc. - YouTube

and it made me drop the idea of Ventus, I went with its suggestion of Asus then looked at what reviews and temperature, decibel data I could find, had to buy it, whilst awaiting asus feedback as it was due back up in price ÂŁ50 by midnight.

I have coming this

I see one site said boost clock OC 1845, gaming mode 181, and techpower say 1725.
It is very time consuming gathering and comparing all the data between brands.

After a week of doing so and finding sources I am shattered.



you really don’t need to compare boost clocks. a few mhz more or less will not impact your rhino viewport experience. a brand that has a good track record of designing good pcbs/power delivery and has good heatsink design is safe. the TUF model you mentioned will give you both. this will serve you well.

I suggest you go with the “studio drivers” and uncheck “nvidia experince” while installing. that’s gaming bloatware you don’t need.

btw, I have an asus 3080TUF - very happy with it.

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thanks, in hallway is my ASUS RTX3070 TuF.
will pass on the bloatware warning to my PC pitcrew doing the rebuild.

Hope its quiet and cool. There is a 0db option in the software ASUS tell me.


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you don’t need to install any software from asus for that. the fans don’t spin if the gpu temerature is low enough. if your case has suffiecient airflow, the fans of the card will only start spinning under load - I think mine don’t spin when I do my usual work in the rhino viewport.

don’t install any software, that’s all just bloat. only the drivers are needed. maybe GPU-Z for monitoring your card.

Other than card design also the drivers are important. I like Asus for the good drivers.

what?! the borad partners aren’t involved in making the drivers at all. nvidia makes the drivers for all nvidia cards, amd makes the drivers for all amd cards. just for linux it is a bit different, though board partners aren’t involved here either.

some board partners develop their own tools for overclocking, custom fan profiles and controlling the rgb leds. the drivers (especially from nvidia) are proprietary for the most part and only controlled/developed by nvidia/amd, no boardpartners involved.

also, if you find an EVGA 3070TI buy it is going to be a “Collectible Item” , just kidding you are fine with ASUS, and if you find that the fan noise is a little bit louder, you can always adjust the fan curves and the voltage in order to get a quieter and cooler card. I recommend a software called “MSI Afterburner”.

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