Nvidia Quadro FX 3800 with latest driver 341.95 slows down extrude command

Hi @jeff,

I’ve got a customer call, that with installation of the latest Nvidia driver 341.95 under Windows 10, Rhino 5(64-bit) slows down the extrude command. After the extrusion, it takes 10-15 seconds until Rhino reacts again. With the previous driver everything was fine. So:

  1. Is there a way to install a previous Nvidia driver?
  2. Tweak the settings, to avoid this delay problem?



Just uninstall the one he has and install again from one of the allready extracted ones on

Or download an older one from here:

You can rollback to a previous version of any driver in Windows by using the Device Manager and “Driver” tab for any given device… In this case it would be his “Display Adapter”.

However, I do not understand how or why a display driver would have anything to do with how long the extrude command takes. The command does not use anything related to the display or the display driver. Does the “slowness” have to do with generating the render mesh? Is this being done in a Shaded mode? How long does it take if/when ALL views are set to Wireframe mode? What exactly is he “extruding”? A curve? A face? ???

What about other commands that create geometry? Basically anything… Draw a box?


Hi Jeff and Holo,

thank you, I will try to get more information. The customer said that _Extrude is extremly slow, and _ExtrudeSrf shows all at once. Hm?

Take care


Hi Jeff and Holo,

the customer reinstalled the driver, and now everything seams to be fine.

Thank you again


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