Inline calculator unit conversion radians to degree

hello everybody
i did not manage to convert radians to degree als inline calculation:
i need to input for example a 10% slope or deviation as angle into the _rotate command.
so i want to calculate 5.71059… degree inline:
_rotate 0 =(degree(atan(0.1))
doesn t work.
how do i convert the atan(0.1) result into degree ?

thanks - best regards

@pascal any idea ?

as far as i understood, atan or arctan is the inverse function of tan

in my initial post i want to calculate an angle in radians using the atan function.

so atan() should return an angle in radians.(0…2Pi)
and the _rotate functions needs an angel in degree (0…360)

(1) i would love to see atan() work
(2) i would understand how to convert the result from radians to degree

To convert from radians to degrees multiply the angle in radians by 180/Pi or 57.295779513082320876798154814105‬.

Rhino command line for arctangent of 0.1 in degrees: (180./Pi*Atan(0.1))

An alternative for the command line is to append “radians” to the result of atan: (atan(0.1))radians. This tells Rotate that the angle is in radians, not degrees. The paranthesis around atan are needed so that “radians” applies to the result of atan.

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thanks David.

the old =(…) syntax seams not to work anymore.
somewhere i read, that the Python math Module should be implemented in the Inline Calculator, wich offers a degree() function …
but for me, the question is solved.

Yeah, you can type “180./Pi*Atan(0.1)” directly into the command line.