NuGet CopyLocal

I’m using Grasshopper NuGet (Package Reference format). According to the guide CopyLocal should be automatically set to false but when compiling the project the DLLs (Eto, RhinoCommon,…) are copied to the output directory. When using Package Reference format I cannot change CopyLocal property. Should I use Packages.config format for Rhino NuGets?

P.S Old friend Google told me that I can add the following setting to PackageReference in .csproj file which prevents copying: <ExcludeAssets>runtime\</ExcludeAssets>

The referencing would be then

    <PackageReference Include="Grasshopper">

However, it would be better if the fix could be done to the NuGet somehow.

NuGet guide:

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@curtisw - is this something you can help with?

Thanks for reporting the issue, @jukka.maenpaa.

I’m seeing this too, perhaps something in the newer VS broke this behaviour. Dale created a YT issue RH-63423, and I’ll take a look.