Copy local for NuGet RhinoCommon package?

@nathanletwory, on the topic of Nuget and copying local, is there a way to force the Nuget packages to copy local?

I don’t know if that is possible.

The question that needs to be asked: why do you need it to be copied in place? You get an invalid plug-in setup if you do…

I need it to work for a Unit Test I’m writing that needs to reference the package :slight_smile:

RhinoCommon was never designed to work without Rhino and will fail many unit tests if you are trying to use RhinoCommon as an independent dll.

I would recommend using rhino inside for unit testing or Rhin3dm if you need to run tests on a computer where rhino is not installed.

We have a rhino inside unit testing example in our developer examples github repo.

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