Nth list items of tree to branches

Searching for a way to combine all Nth items of all branches contained in 1 tree into branches of a new tree.

Here is an example I would like to make scalable:

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try Flip Matrix :+1:


Thanks! Just to understand Grasshopper a bit better, how would this be done by hand?

A grasshopper is essentially performing basic mathematical operations.

When you have a matrix, you can interpret it either by its columns or by its rows. If you wish to switch between these two approaches, you need to transpose the matrix. Think of the “flip matrix” command as a way to achieve this transpose operation. I hope this explanation is helpful!


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the explanation @bbalbastre gave is very explanatory :+1:

if you had to redo it by hand following your example, it should be something like this: where you add an Entwine component with Flatten Inputs option activated (it’s activated by default, it flattens each input for you)

the thing is, imagine instead of having a few lists with just two items each, if you had a few lists with100 items each:
in that case you would have to use 100 list item components, each of those with a different progressive 0-99 index, and connect each of those to the entwine :slight_smile: it’s a bit of work :slight_smile: