Branch list (10.2 KB)
hello,this was quite basic but unable to create branches (number:Ex) with each branch containing list (number :Ey).( i want items in each branch).
[even if im able to create list with things like entwine,merge(iff) how can i automate the no of inputs (inputs to entwine,merge)to match with the number of branches(or any variable) i want, because clicking +1 for every branch is counterintuitive because if i change the variable i have to manually
click +1 for every branch .]

try flip matrix.

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doesnt work

It certainly does.

i actually want (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) as in y (Ey) direction to be items of the branches (0,1,2,3,4,5,6)
later i want to split tree like this mask {1}(2,4,…)

Knock yourself out! :man_facepalming:



But you choose 6 in x direction? from where you want get 2 extra branches?


i want each of 6 branches to have 8 items(i)

Can you draw and show what you want?

If you want it like this use cull index why you used Entwine?

That’s only 48 points. There are 63 points from the grid (7 X 9). Are you trying to cull the edge points?

Sorry, I give up on this one.

ok i have found the solution, there was no problem to begin with,sorry for taking time,
i was trying to figure out why the flattened list nos.under branches not showing up in param view, looks like i still have no idea how data tree works…