Notes command could use a little love

Could the “Notes” command please get a little love?

Specifically, now I’m using V6 on a new machine, with a higher resolution, the font is too small, and it appears it can’t be changed…?

Perhaps it could be hooked up to the existing command dialog in options / appearance?

I’ve set the command line font size to 12, and this also works nicely when looking at the command history; the notes defaults to about 8 – too small…

Also, its great that selected text, or leaders, or dimensions with text in them are all picked up by spell check in the text pane; however, in the real world, before printing a set of plans you’d just want to run the (non-existent) command “spell check” to pick up all the instances of text visible, regardless of where they came from…
As I’ve said before, its not about whether you can spell or not, its about picking up typo’s, duplicate words etc; Sending a set of plans off to clients, contractors etc with spelling mistakes is a real bad look.

I know its boring boring boring, but these are things we have to do all the time, and like printing itself, these should just be easy and no-fuss…


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