Not sure where the best place to report bugs is? Here are a couple

Hello, I’ve had a look but couldn’t find anywhere. Please let me know if there is a place, and I’'ll put them there in future.

I’ve got a bug with MoveFace - other faces that shouldn’t get moved are getting moved, so not working properly. Sample file here, the extrusion was created in Rh6 from the curve: MoveFace.3dm (142.4 KB)

Also, when extruding a curve in Perspective, the default grey background colour flickers, seems to be influenced by the colour of the object being extruded. Occurs in Shaded and Ghosted. This is on an AMD W7100.



This is as good a place as any for reporting them.
That said, I have your file but I need you to be m ore specific about the MoveFace problem.
Can you please indicate which face you are selecting to move and the start and end point of the move you are using?

The flickering sounds like a display issue.
Please run the System Information command from the Help Pull-down menu.
CopyAll and send the results back in a reply or to with a reference to this Discourse message thread:
Not sure where the best place to report bugs is? Here are a couple

Thanks John

The faces being moved are the two tall, thin ones with the text dots on them - they just needed to be pulled in or out normal to the face itself, to change the length (in plan) of this component (its the guide for a roller shutter).

I’ve think I’ve found the problem though, as it happens in Rhino 5 too - although the extrusion looks like it has separate faces where you’d expect (ie separate flat and curved facets), one of the side faces has been joined by Rhino to one of the fillets, to become a single surface - hence it gets dragged forwards.

So, there’s probably not something wrong with the MoveFace but rather with how Rhino sometimes creates a single surface from what you would assume would be extruded into two surfaces (eg a line and an arc joined together should extrude to become two abutting surfaces when extruded, but sometimes they become a single surface).

I will run the System Information tool and send you the results.



Hello John

Here are the reults of running System Information Rhino6_SysInfo_AMD_W7100_20151014.txt (1.2 KB)


Thanks for the details.
I can’t tell if this is an AMD driver problem or a problem brought on by all the recent changes in Rhino WIP display code.

Your drivers are not the latest for that card so I would start there.
Here’s a link to the latest drivers for your card:

Download and install them, restart Windows, and see if you still see the flickering in Rhino. If you do, we’ll get the display code developers involved.

Thanks John, that driver only came out yesterday so I’d not seen it or been informed about it yet, thanks for the link, I will let you know if the flicker is fixed,


Hello John,

Installed the new driver, the flicker is mostly gone but still occurs when using ExtrudeCrv or ExtrudeSrf and zooming with the wheel on the mouse - doesnt happen when zooming using CTRL+RMB. New System Info here: Rhino6_SysInfo_AMD_W7100_20151015.txt (1.3 KB)