Not seeing the edge of layout details

A colleague asked if there was a way to “not see the edge of layout details on the screen in Rhino.” (Not referring to the fact that the edges don’t print on paper, but not wanting to see them on the screen.) He said that he found it distracting, which I can understand, it might be if you have a really busy drawing. I asked my other colleagues about Vectorworks and Autocad, and it seems that Vectorworks, at least, has a way to turn off their visibility.

With all the changes to layout coming in v6 this may not seem primary, but wondering if it would be difficult to implement?

Thank you.

Just put them on a layer with the same color as the paper.

Not referring to the prints.

Not referring to actual paper but to the layout paper color.

Good point. Thank you!

Cheers :wink: