Wish: Hide detail border

To hide a detail border or turn off its layer, yet still see the model-space geometry, would allow better visualisation of the layout space when trying to create a tidy drawing containing a few details. It would be good for screen-shots.

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Hi Brian,

Indeed, my current workaround is to put detail on a white layer.
@Pascal PrintDisplay should hide detail borders to have a true Print Preview


This would definitely be desirable.

Thanks Willem, good idea and taking the workaround a bit further, I’ll put some code on a button to toggle the detail layer color, nice solution.

Yep, got that, thanks.


Create a “detail view” layer and change its print width to “no print”. It is right at the bottom of the print width scroll box. Assign all detail views to that layer.

Even when details are set to “No Print”, they still show up in printDisplay (and they don’t print regardless of what their print width is set at). It would be nice however if detail borders are being hidden in printDisplay, there was still someway to know they are there / select them. Perhaps when you roll over a hidden detail border when using printDisplay, it would show up so you could modify the detail.

Hello from the future.

I’m still wondering this too. Nudge maybe?

This feature has been implemented in the Rhino 8 WIP.


Thank you @stevebaer ! I was just checking in the latest v7 SR. I see that now in WIP.