Not all Curves are Joined

R6. I have a bunch of curves where all curve ends are G0 but there’s still a line segment which doesn’t Join. What am I doing wrong?

bild (132.7 KB)

// Rolf

How about using Connect Curves? (136.4 KB)

Hi @HS_Kim,
That was an interesting approach. One problem though; I shift the Points & Line segments since need one single open curve, so connect only at odd/even curves on each side.

I should have pointed that out clearly, sorry.

Anyway, I ended up with two curve segments and one tiny little segment at the bottom was lost altogether. Finally I did re-arrange the Shifting and culling and the problem went away, but I have no idea why it didn’t work in the first definition.

This Def is what I arrived at at last: (53.4 KB)

// Rolf

So, it’s going to be a kind of tool path? Anyway, In my opinion,Connect Curves is still useful here along with Weave. (100.9 KB)

Yup! OK, I’ll check your solution out. Looks simpler than mine.

I really appreciate your help. Learning something new from you everyday. Thanks.

// Rolf